Hi-Sky Souvenirs

In the mood for a little Hi-Sky for the home? You can buy the following products at Hi-Sky as a memento. Let yourself be inspired and be part of the world’s biggest transportable Ferris wheel!

Just drop by and pay us a visit:
Atelierstrasse 11 · 81671 Munich
10 a.m. – 9.30 p.m.

Hi-Sky textile bag

Whether for shopping, sport or leisure activities:
The trendy sports bag bearing Munich’s skyline is suitable for any occasion, and is a true space marvel.

Colour: grey
Strap: adjustable length
Price: € 12.90

Hi-Sky coffee mug or thermos cup

Start your day right!
Ideally with our coffee mug or thermos cup, in which your favourite drink will taste even better.
Coffee mug: € 7.90
Thermos cup: € 9.90

Hi-Sky notebook

Your thoughts are boundless, just like the view from the Hi-Sky
So write them down in the Hi-Sky notebook! The notebook is available in two versions:
Grey & Ferris wheel motif · Turquoise & Hi-Sky skyline
Price: € 12.90

Hi-Sky lighter

Light up – electrically
Quite simply with our “shake lighter”. Shaking the lighter activates the heating coil (electrically rechargeable).
Price: € 12.90

Hi-Sky snack board

If you haven’t had the chance to experience the “Hi-Sky Blau-Weiss” veal sausage breakfast with us yet, then with this snack board at least you will have the right surface for your food at home.
Price: € 9.90

Hi-Sky puzzle (3D)

You’ll need a steady hand for this 3D puzzle with 895 pieces.
Your reward will be your very own model of a Ferris wheel.
Price: € 25.90