Experience Hi-Sky in Munich

More than “just” a giant wheel! Alongside the highlight, the classic Hi-Sky ride, we also offer in our limited special gondolas other exciting experiences for an exceptional ride overlooking Munich.

Hi-Sky with a shot

Enjoy a drink of your choice and the matching snack over the rooftops of Munich in one of the limited special gondolas. Beverage selection can then be made locally and does not have to be done in advance. A reservation is not necessary.

Your choice: Secco Bianco / Sprizz Hugo / Sprizz Bitter Orange / Sprizz Pink Grapefruit / Beer / Water Sprudel / Water Still / Cola / Sprite / Mezzo Mix. Water PET, all others from cans, cans plus paper straw instead of glass. Read more

Hi-Sky Blau Weiß

Weisswurst (veal sausage) in the blue & white sky. Enjoy Bavarian food on a double ride and experience the tradition with a heavenly view in one of our three bavarian gondolas.
Content of the package: 12 x Weißwürste/ 6 x Brezn / sweet mustard (2 small bowls) / 6 bottles Erdinger Weißbier (glass) / 2 bottles each water calm + sparkling (PET) / 2 cans Mezzo Mix / bavarian gondola / two rides (approx. 1 hour totally) / 6 persons / exklusive gondola. Read more

Hi-Sky Minga

Ride in one of three bavarian gondolas incl. bavarian picnic basket
Content of the package: 1 x bunch radish / 1 x mountain cheese / 1 x Obazda (in jar) / 1 x cold roast / 1 x bacon (in jar) / 1 x pair of country hunters / 1 x pair of pepper bite / 1 x butter (in jar) / 1 x Farmhouse bread / 2 x pretzels / 2 x water still / 2 x beer light. Served in a picnic basket with 2 x bread time ling, cutlery, napkins. Bavarian gondola / two rides (approx 1 hour totally) / for two persons, for a maximum of 6 persons per gondola / no exclusive gondola. Read more

Hi-Sky Monaco

Ride in one of three bavarian gondolas incl. italian picnic basket
Content of the package: 1 x antipasti (in jar) / 1 x zucchini (in preserving jar) 1 x aubergine (in jar) / 1 x paprika (in jar) / 1 x olives (in jar) / 1  x Parma ham (in jar) / 1 x Parmesan (in jar) / 1 x butter (in jar) / 1 x olive oil (in jar) / 2 x small bags of ciabatta / 2 x water still / 2 x Prosecco. Served in a picnic basket on 2 Brotzeitbrettln, cutlery, napkins, straws. Bavarian gondola / two trips (about 1 hour total) / for two persons, for a maximum of 6 persons per gondola / no exclusive gondola. Read more

Hi-Sky Event

An event in a heavenly atmosphere. Hire a gondola and create your very own personal Hi-Sky experience. We will be glad to make you an individual offer to accommodate your wishes and ideas for your birthday party, company event, engagement, birthday party, candle-light dinner, etc. Read more

Hi-Sky “Bulli-Tour”

A city tour of a special kind. After a unique city tour in a VW Bulli from Munich’s Bulli Tours, experience Munich’s sights from a different perspective on a ride on the Hi-Sky Munich. Booking here

Kids Birthday

You want to give your child an unforgettable time? Celebrate with your child and friends in an exclusive gondola and enjoy the view over Munich.
Contents of the package: 1 surprise gift to remember your day / 10 Capri-Sun / 10 mini Haribo gummy bag / 1 ride (about 30 min.) / Max. 8 children (up to 14 years) and 2 adults as accompanying person / exclusive gondola / upgrade of additional persons possible. Read more

Magic Chefs

The young catering company Magic Chefs concludes a cooperation with the new Munich attraction, the “Hi-Sky” and has been offering the culinary highlights from the Airstream in front of the Ferris wheel since October 1st. Come along and let us convince you of the daily rich breakfast selection, over typical streetfood lunch variations, to snacks for every taste. As a special service, Magic Chefs also delivers a variety of drink and food packages to the Hi-Sky gondolas. The coffee specialties from the in-house roasting house “Concelia” re completing the offer. The Magic Chefs team is looking forward to your visit. Contact: hisky@magicworld-group.de